Time and Billing

Invoice many hundreds of clients in just a day: Mill7 is made for trust offices. Invoice fixed fees, time and disbursements. Setup clients with specific time rates, a specific time specification layout or a specific surcharge.

Trust offices need flexibility. After sending an invoice it is easy to make corrections. A credit invoice is made in seconds, credit invoices can be rebilled after corrections.

User roles

Rights can be set per user role: Can users change rates, can users change the draft invoice, can users approve as supervisor. Users can see outstanding invoices and easily resend the pdf invoice to the client.

Approval system

The approval system forces users to keep time registration updated. Supervisors can overwrite rates or adjust the chargeability of a specific invoice.


Cases can be used to interact with the user to stay within budget.

Time dashboard

Compare the time spent to the fixed fees and budgets.

Key features Time & Billing

Register time per user or client

Connect rates to users, clients and cases

User approval and supervisor approval system

Surcharges per client or activity

Register non chargeable time

Invoice fixed fee and time clients

Invoice disbursements

Easy credit invoices and rebilling

Send invoices per email

Send custom time specification with invoice

Add cover letter with outstanding amounts to invoice

Custom Invoice layout per service company or client

Integration with Accounting module

Set permissions per user role

Link documents

Publish invoices with WebCMS module