Mill7 pricing

Contracts submitted before December 31st, 2021, are based on prices listed below.

For new prices please contact Dhr. Jos van Veen at

Support and updates

Mill7 is affordable for small or large trust offices as prices are user based.

The annual fee for support and updates is a percentage of the purchase price. The fee is cbs indexed and in 2024: 18 %.
All amounts are in euros and excluding VAT, if applicable. Terms for support and use of Mill7 are found here.

Our hourly fee for 2024 is 145 euro.

ModuleModule PricePer user
Mill7 Accounting€ 8.000,-€500,-
Mill7 Time & Billing€ 8.000,-€150,-
Mill7 CRM & Compliance€ 8.000,-€500,-
Mill7 Portfolio€ 8.000,-€500,-
Mill7 CMS€ 8.000,-€500,-
CDDS Interface KYC€ 1.000,-Per Mill7 installation
ECDF Luxemburg electronic filing€ 2.000,-Per Mill7 installation

Global license

Trust offices with multiple offices in different jurisdictions can change to the Global Mill7 license.

The global license has no purchase fee, only an annual user fee. This enables international trust offices to install Mill7 in small additional jurisdictions. For terms and conditions please contact us by e-mail.

Annual fee per user per year (2021)Accounting, CRM, Time & Billing: € 499,-

SQL database

To replace the free embedded VDF database with a SQL-server database, you need SQL-server and a VDF connectivity kit.

SQL-servernot included
VDF Connectivity kit for Global license€ 40,- per user per year
VDF Connectivity kit for non-Global license4% Surcharge of annual fee (2022: 22%)
Conversion and installationnot included

All prices exclude 21% VAT.

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