Customer Relationship Management

The Mill7 data-model is designed for the trust business: A single person (or company) can be related to multiple clients in multiple roles: As a shareholder, trustee, managing director, advisor, UBOs, etcetera.

The user roles can be set to define the level of data entry for sub-parts of the data: Compliancy officers administrate the risks, the internal accountant administrate the services and fees, the legal manager administrates legal documents, the tax manager administrates tax filings, the financial manager administrates the published financial reports.

Compliancy Dashboard

What documents are missing or are expired? What risks need reviewing? Ubo data can be encrypted. The management dashboard shows graphs with compliancy percentages.

Client Verifcation

Verify your clients with our Relian integration. A comprehensive dashboard lets you transfer data, print reports and manage your relations.

Client acceptance files

Create a Client acceptance file with our standard Client Acceptance Form and configurable entry wizard.

Data encryption

Encrypt your confidential client information.

Work in progress

Produce your monthly or weekly Excel lists with the status of all work in progress. The management dashboard shows graphs with the progress per bookyear per employee.

Simple DMS

Link your documents to the CRM data and Mill7 is a simple Document Management System, designed for the trustbusiness.

The price of the Mill7 CRM module starts at €8000 plus €500 per user (excl VAT).

Key features CRM

Search on any field

Log all changes

Connect notes

Connect documents

Reporting in Excel

Mailing facilities

Publish data on the internet with the WebCMS module

Datamodel for trustoffices:

  • Fees and services
  • Client status and history
  • Fiscal and administrative data
  • Tax assesments
  • Work in progress: status per bookyear of annual meetings, reports, audits, etc.
  • Shareholders register
  • UBO’s, managers, advisors
  • Bank-accounts and -balances
  • Compliancy status and documents
  • Compliancy risks and reviews
  • Coc register, meetings
  • Rulings, statutory changes, etc.