Terms Millogic Software

When installing or updating Mill7, the user is always asked to approve the Millogic terms.

1. Millogic Software BV (hereinafter Millogic) provides the client the right to use the software and the right for support. The software is specified in the order or invoice.

2. The support and right to use the software modules are granted for a period of one year, starting on date of invoicing.

This period is automatically renewed for a period of one year starting on January 1st of each calendar year, unless the client unsubscribes software and/or users at least two months before the end of the year, so before 1st of November.

Unsubscribing terminates the right to use the software and the right for support.

3. The client is allowed to copy the software for backup or testing purpose only.

4. The annual fee for support and the right to use the software is 18 percent (in 2024) of the software price as listed in the official pricelist per order date. The fee for the license and support are charged annually in advance in the month of January. Any rate increase is published at least 14 days before the annual renewal. The payment must be made within 14 days after the date of the invoice. Our hourly fee for developing reports and custom programs in 2024 is 145 euro.

5. Millogic will annually increase the rates according to the Dutch consumers (CBS-) index.

6. When payment terms are overdue, Millogic is entitled not to provide services as defined in Article 7.

7. Millogic services include:

a. Modifying the software to the rules of the Dutch government.

b. The periodic improvement of the software in a manner determined by Millogic. Custom adjustments are excluded from these “updates”.

c. Providing information on the latest changes in the software.

d. The provision of copies of software if the clients copy is damaged.

e. Solving “bugs” in the software, if within the ability of Millogic.

f. Providing helpdesk information regarding the use of the software.

8. Costs for the delivery of new software releases regarding changes to the operating system software, changes to equipment and changes to development tools, are on behalf of the client, and not compensated by Millogic.

9. The helpdesk support will be provided on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 09.00- 17.00, Dutch time.

10. Millogic will support one contactperson per Mill7 installation unless otherwise agreed upon.

11. Costs for services, caused beyond the control of Millogic, can be charged as extra by Millogic.

12. If the client is located outside the Netherlands, then optional hotel and travel costs are charged as extra.

13. Confidentiality. Millogic commits itself to its employees and dealers to impose secrecy on all information provided by the client as confidential.

14. The software license and right to use the software are not transferable.

15. Backup: Millogic is not liable for loss of data or not functioning of the software due to data loss. Make a regular backup of the complete Mill7 folder and test restoring the software.

16. Only the Court of Amsterdam is authorized to resolve legal disputes.

Additional terms for the Mill7 Global license:

1. The licenses can only be used for offices owned by the Mill7 license holder (as listed on the website of the license holder).

2. Millogic provides Mill7 license keys per office, with a user count per office.

3. Millogic will invoice to the license holder only. The main office is free to reinvoice other offices.

4. Millogic will only support few application managers of the license holder. Users of other offices will receive support from these application managers.

5. The fee is equal for all users of all offices. (Eg. If only one office uses extra modules then the related fee counts for all global users).

6. The minimal global Mill7 configuration is including the modules CRM, Accounting, Time and Billing.

7. All users in the user count will be invoiced. Millogic provides one free user license per office (except for the main office) to enable support for the application manager.

8. When increasing the number of users during a year, the number of months left in the year are invoiced.

9. When decreasing the number of licenses: No refund will be made for the current year.

A decrease in the number of users must be reported to Millogic Software at least two months before the end of the year, so before 1st of November.

10. The global license can only be used with a minimum of five offices and 50 users in different jurisdictions.

Validation of terms

When installing or updating Mill7, the user is always asked to approve the Millogic terms.