Mill7 requirements

Run Mill7 multi-user on your Windows fileserver or Windows Terminal Server.

Mill7 is a 32-bit windows application built with Visual Dataflex 19.0 and uses the proprietary database of Dataflex or Microsoft SQL server.
The proprietary database is a stable database used by large clients up to 300 users and requires minimal maintenance.
In order to run multi-user without problems on Windows server please look at this whitepaper to set up the server correctly.

The software will use around 100 Mb on initial installation and will grow around 6 to 12 Mb per client bookkeeping.
The internal bookkeeping can take up as much as 500 Mb depending on the number of users and modules installed.

Running Mill7 on a client will take up between 30 and 40Mb of internal memory during data entry.

Mill7 is able to scan for added bookkeepings copied from other installations making it possible to exchange data with your clients.
Our trust version has no limit in the number of bookkeepings or journals.

User rights

Mill7 has an extended user-rights system of users and groups, and all the password options you need like specific characters, minimal length, expiry terms and password phrase.

An administrator user is included in the system and password retrieval is done by passing data to our server which will return the password to the users e-mail address.
Based on the license numbers you can grant each user a license for modules in Mill7.

The administrator can only access supervisor functions and is not able to view user data.

Windows and software versions

Millogic will work on all Windows versions, desktop or server.

The Mill7 reporting tool reports the data in an excel format (XLS or XLSX).  Viewing is possible with all version of Excel, an Excel viewer or other spreadsheet programs.
Documents created by Mill7 are compatible with all Word versions including 2013.

Invoices are generated in PDF format by Mill7 , for viewing a PDF compatible application like a pdf viewer is needed. E-mailing is supported by using the local e-mail client, Outlook, or the SMTP server included in Windows server.

Advanced reports can be created with Crystal reports 8.5 or the latest version of Dataflex report writer,

SQL server

Mill7 comes with a free, stable database. This VDF database is embedded and needs no technical database skills.
The free database can be replaced with SQL server.
Read more about the pricing.

Millogic terms

If hard- or software adjustments in your environment are needed in order to run Mill7 (now or in the future) Millogic is not responsible  for any costs. See the terms for more info.