Fund administration

A new product from a trusted partner.
Millogic Software started in 1989 with software tailor made for Trust offices.
Along with the expertise of these offices we developed Millionaire, Millmate and later Mill7.

The development of our new software for private equity funds follows the same path and is developed with the expertise of our clients.

What does it do?

Funds and investors can be uploaded to calculate the capital calls and notices for the investors.

The software follows the waterfall principle for calculations of closed end funds.

Calculations regarding calls are made by the software but can be overwritten if needed. Commitments can be handed over or split during the life-cycle of a fund and new investors can be added if needed.

Communication with the investors is handled by an integrated mailing system.

An optional web portal is available, each investor can have an account to a portal that can be accessed by any browser. The portal gives access to all documents and reports regarding the fund and investments.

The fund administration software is fully integrated with our accounting system, but export to a third party accounting system is possible too.

What does it cost ?

For more information on the software and prices please send an e-mail to or contact us by telephone number +31 (0) 172 408172.

Key features

Automated waterfall

Create calls and notices

Add investors, split or transfer commitments during the life-cycle

Register Investments

KYC investors

Quick reporting to excel and PDF

Book directly to our integrated accounting system

Multi-currency and download currency rates

E-mail reports to participants

Optional Web portal for participants