Client accounting the easy way

The Mill7 accounting module is used by trust offices for both client accounting and internal accounting. Because Mill7 is designed for trust offices, Mill7 provides all desired functions. Thousands of client bookkeepings can be setup in multiple currencies. Any journal can be booked in any currency.

Client accounting should be fast and without visible corrections. Mill7 is build for this.

Zoom in, zoom out

Zoom in from your annual report, to the trial balance, to the General Ledger, to the journal entries. Change a journal entry and zoom out. Without any processing your reports are updated and ready for publishing.

The power of Excel

Any accountant knows how to use Excel: Build your own Excel reports, add filters, pivot tables or graphs.
In addition Millogic can provide customized Crystal reports or train you to create these.

Quick and easy

Book a complete year in a few hours and publish your client reports. Mill7 is easy to learn. Use Excel templates for your reports.

Key features Client accounting

 Multi Currency

 Invisible corrections

 Audit logs and protection of periods

 Advanced rights per user role

 Reporting in Excel

 Book simultaneous in more years

 Quick creation of journals

 Easy to learn

 Zoom in, zoom out

 Copy journals

 Interest calculation


 Intercompany journals

 Import rates, journals, accounts


 Integration with Portfolio module

 No limit to number of bookkeepings

 Link documents

 Publish reports with WebCMS module