Internal accounting

Because Mill7 is made for trust offices, Mill7 provides all desired functions. Internal accounting should be able to handle large foreign currency amounts and large numbers of journal entries. Mill7 is made for this.

Mill7 will save you lots of time with the powerful administration of outstanding invoices. Account managers have access to the invoices and payments and can resend the pdf invoice by email to the clients.

Share data

Multiple internal service companies act as one administration because data is shared: Set up one dataset with debtors, creditors, currency rates and reporting templates.

Currency rates can be imported automatically.

Management Dashboard

Have visual grip on costs, turnover and cash flow by creating graphs. How chargeable are employees. How compliant is the trust office to legal rules. What is the in- and outflow of client companies. The dashboard can show this in graphs for the management.

Quick and easy

Counter journals for the bank, debtors and VAT are created automatically. The zoom function keeps the accountant in control without the need of reporting.

Key features Internal accounting

 Multi Currency

 Share data like currency rates

 Automatic journals

 Advanced rights per user role

 Management dashboard

 Deferred journals

 Disbursements function

 Copy journals

 Asset administration


 Import rates, journals, accounts


 Integration with Time and Billing module

 No limit to number of journals

 Link documents

 Publish outstanding invoices with WebCMS module