Mill7 and 3rd-party integration

Mill7 creates software for Trust offices to carry out the daily tasks like internal and client accounting, time registration, invoicing and managing client information.

Trust offices are facing additional challenges

  • Due to Supervision on Trust offices, relations need to be checked and transactions need to be monitored
  • Changes in electronic possibilities cause documents to be received in emails, on paper or as downloads from websites, creating the need for a Document Management System
  • Reporting in XBRL to the authorities worldwide

Mill7 can work with third party software to meet the demands in your jurisdiction.
Several integrations already have been made.

Standard software


It is possible to check your relations in Mill7 with Relian. The software called iFrame from Relian is integrated in Mill7 and can be accessed directly from your individual clients or personal relations. The functionality in Mill7 is free of charge. Please contact Relian for the costs and type of a correct account.

XBRL chamber of Commerce: XML auditfile 3.2 and 2.0

The XML auditfile can be used as import for software of statutory accounts.
Software like Infine or Caseware can generate comprehensive reports for your clients and generate XBRL files for the Chamber of Commerce.

XBRL VAT Netherlands

Mill7 can create the VAT declaration NL in XBRL. For sending this file to the Tax authorities the software of ACCEPT can be used.

Transaction monitoring

Mill7 supports reading banktransactions and creation of payment files. Common formats like Sepa , MT940, CAMT.053, iFile and BTL91 are supported by Mill7. These files can be used for monitoring transactions in a SWIFT certified payment gateway like FUZE.

Interfaces Mill7

CDDS Luxemburg

Millogic has developed an interface to transfer data to CDDS for risk assessment. This interface can be scheduled to transfer the daily changes in Mill7 to CDDS. Costs: 1000 Euro per Mill7 installation, yearly fee of 18%.

eCDF Luxemburg and electronic filing

Millogic has created an add-on for Mill7 to create XML files for the eCDF in Luxemburg. Every year this software is updated to meet the latest requirements of the eCDF. Costs: 2000 Euro per Mill7 installation, yearly fee of 18%.

Custom solutions

Custom interfaces have been development in the past to transfer data from Mill7 to other third party software. This custom software is developed together with our client. For a customized solution please contact us.


The World-check database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) is an extended database that can be used to check relations in the Mill7 database. Extra software supporting the World-check database is needed to compare the World-check database with the data in Mill7 like Finscan and Pythagoras.

Document management systems

Mill7 can be integrated with DMS software by a simple piece of software. Already lots of export programs are created to export the Mill7 data to be used in the DMS software to categorize documents. Additional custom software can make it possible to view the documents in the DMS while navigating in Mill7.

Examples of existing custom exports to DMS:

  • Docuware
  • Worksite
  • Laserfiche
  • Cygnet

For information on integration please contact us.

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