Fund administration software

A new product from a trusted partner.
Millogic started in 1989 with software tailor made for Trust offices.
Along with the expertise of these offices we developed Millionaire, Millmate and later Mill7.

The development of our new software for private equity funds follows the same path and is developed with the expertise of our clients.

What does it do?

Our software makes Capital Calls and Distribution notices a breeze. Your waterfall is completely automated.
A sophisticated client portal is developed for investors to login to their account and view all documents, capital calls, distribution notices and other messages related to their investments. The client portal is super flexible, can be setup with your visual preferences and is web based.

All fund structures can be setup in a new fund module with extensive reports regarding calculations, fund details and investors. Send documents and alerts by e-mail to the investors with a few clicks.
A comprehensive dashboard presents an overview of all funds and details of capital calls and distribution notices per fund or investor.

The software comes fully integrated with our highly praised Mill7 accounting system but export journals to an external accounting system is possible too.

What do we promise?

Given our long history in making software for trust offices the guarantee that our software and support will outlive the lifecycle of your funds and a proven well appreciated helpdesk with direct contact. No changes there.

What does it cost ?

Our annual fee is based on the number of users and investor not on the number of funds, making funds with a small number of investors cheaper to administrate.
The software comes with a default client portal. Development of a tailored portal will be charged separately.
Looking at prices in the market we operate well below these prices making the hurdle to start with our software low.

For more information on the software and prices please send an e-mail to or contact us by telephone number +31 (0) 172 408172.