Version 7.6L.1 April 14, 2022

PSD2 bank transactions

Download and process bank transactions directly from Mill7.

Open an account with and add your bank accounts. Mill7 will retrieve all bank transactions for bank accounts found in your Bizcuit account and will generate journal entries and bank statements.

Mill7 Funds

This version the new software for fund administration is fully integrated with our accounting module.
All calls can be booked in the bookkeeping, journal entries are created per participant and administrated per cost centre and GL account.

New features are:
– Integration bookkeeping module
– Registration of investments
– Extended mailing functionalities for reporting to participants.

A complete Fund dashboard is included to view all notices per fund and per investor.
All our reports are made in excel or PDF format for quick and easy reporting.

The software can be used with a web portal for the investors.
Investor accounts for the portal are created in Mill7 making it possible for investors to login into the web portal and view their investments, documents, calls, notices, payments etc.
The fund accounting is handled by our Accounting module.

Other changes

– Online CoC declaration 2021
– Online VAT 2022
– Save draft invoices
– UBL invoices
– Integration Funds

Changes coming: PSD2 payments

The coming update we expect to complete the integration of PSD2 payments.
This makes it possible to automatically pay invoices directly from Mill7.

Historical changes (in Dutch) prior to version 7.3C2 can be found here.
If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact our helpdesk.