Our new Fund module is released.

Create funds with fees, hurdle, catchup rate, surplus management share, initial threshold and more.

Investors can be linked to the funds to create capital calls and distribution notices.

Contact the investors by e-mail or create an account for investors to log into a web based client portal.

Detailed reports for investors and the fund manager are included.

Accounting is handled by our excellent accounting module.

New features version 2021, highlights.

  • The new ISI form 2021.
  • The online VAT 2021 declaration.
  • The online annual accounts 2020 Netherlands.
  • Improvements in reading UBL files.
  • Annual accounts ECDF Luxemburg 2020.

New features 2020

  • Integration of Mollie for invoice payments.
  • Process UBL invoices in bulk for all bookkeepings.
  • New ISI form is released.
  • Process digital invoices (UBL) in batch.
  • Add bank transaction recognition in bank daybook.
  • New screen authorise payments.
  • Send invoices directly to Outlook with added options to use your regular Outlook signatures.
  • Improved performance downloading rates.
  • Changes in download files from exhange-rates.org solved.
  • The online declaration for Annual accounts 2019 is added.
  • The online VAT 2020 declaration is added.
  • Added SMTP functionalities to support office365.
  • E-mail logging added for invoices..

New features 2019

  • Option to present the balance sheet last year using the settings of the general ledger account in the current year.
  • Time chargeability: A new screen with the Chargeability of users is added to the Time module.
  • UBL invoices: The procedure for reading UBL files is extended with functionality to scan and list all UBL files in a file location. UBL files found can be processed one at the time.
  • Online update: Mill7 can check for newer updates and automatically download the latest version for installation.
  • Mill7 mobile is version 2.0 is ready, Relation management is added.
  • Import UBL invoices.
  • Integration of Dataflex reports version 7.0.
  • VAT declaration, XBRL 2019 taxonomy added.
  • COC declaration, XBRL 2018 taxonomy added.
  • New ISI form for reporting 2018 added.
  • Schedule queries.
  • Updated drivers to bypass Outlook security.

Previous versions

  • Dataflex reports is upgraded to version 7.0.
  • The help system in Mill7 is migrated to a web-based help system.
  • Book invoices from Service company directly to the Client bookkeeping.
  • A new maintenance screen for Balance codes.
  • Apply filters to Relation Management to manage your information.
  • Storing country risk information CPI, FATF, Basel and Sanctionlists.
  • Reporting country risks in reports Relian, Firms and Persons.
  • Automatic currency rates import: DNB, ECB and exchange-rates.org
  • CAF procedure.
  • RELIAN client verification dashboard.
  • XML auditfile version 3.2.
  • Allocate draft Invoices.
  • Time dashboard.
  • XML reporting Luxemburg ( aditional module required)
  • Invoices in UBL format.

Historical changes (in Dutch) prior to version 7.3C2 can be found here.
If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact our helpdesk.