Web Content Management System (CMS)

Publish your Mill7 data on the internet. For clients, or for other relations like agents or foreign jurisdictions. The data can not be changed and is updated daily. Set rights to protect data. All data can be printed using Excel. Data includes all CRM data, outstanding invoices, linked documents and financial reports.

Your Web Style

Millogic will set up the style sheets according to your corporate style. This is included.


Not included is the proxyserver installation. A proxyserver is needed for security issues.


Please look at a demo here.

Key features CMS

Integrate with your website

Setup user rights in Mill7

Publish all CRM data, like shareholders register, compliancy documents, tax filings, invoices in PDF etc.

Export and print all CRM data with Excel

Publish Outstanding Invoices

Publish linked Documents

Publish Financial Reports